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ConnectionListener   All classes wishing to receive notification of when the eBus connection is connected or disconnected should implement this interface and then register itself with eBus by calling EBus#addConnectionListener(ConnectionListener) code | html
EListener   All classes which interact with eBus must implement the EListener interface.  code | html


ConnectStateEnum   Enumerates the eBus connection states: connected or disconnected.  code | html
EBus   EBus is a singleton, providing each JVM an interface to the eBus daemon.  code | html
EBus.ListenerEntry   This class tracks an EListener 's subscriptions, advertisements and requests and their respective transmission states.  code | html
EBus.RequestEntry   The request structure stores an underlying request message (net.sf.eBus.message.Subscribe , net.sf.eBus.message.Advertise or net.sf.eBus.message.Request ) and its current transmission state: #NOT_SENT , #SENT , #IN_PLACE and #DEFUNCT code | html