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EConnectionListener   Classes managing a net.sf.eBus.comm.EConnection must implement this interface in order to receive asynchronous notification of connection events.  code | html


CloseEvent   This event is used to both cause EConnection to close its open connection and to inform the connection listener that the connection is down.  code | html
ConnectEvent   This event is used to inform both the EConnection object and its listener about a connection establishment.  code | html
EConnection   EConnection sends and receives eBus messages using a java.net.Socket connection and java.io.ObjectInputStream to receive messages and java.io.ObjectOutputStream to send messages.  code | html
EConnection.CallbackThread     code | html
EConnection.Heartbeat     code | html
EConnection.ReaderThread     code | html
EConnection.SetTimerEvent     code | html
EConnection.ThreadEvent     code | html
EConnection.WriterThread     code | html