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Abstract Classes:

ComparisonPredicate   Base class for all non-equality, comparison operators (<, >, like, etc.).  code | html
Conjunction   A conjuction joins together 2 or more conditions.  code | html
Predicate   Base class for all condition subclasses.  code | html


And   An AND condition clause.  code | html
ConditionLexer   Finds tokens in the message layout file and passes them to the parser.  code | html
ConditionLexer.Token   Place tokens in this object and pass this object to the parser.  code | html
ConditionParser   Parses a condition statement into a net.sf.eBus.condition.Predicate object.  code | html
Equals   Equality test condition.  code | html
GreaterThan   Greater-than test condition.  code | html
GreaterThanOrEquals   Greater-than-or-equals test condition.  code | html
LessThan   Less-than test condition.  code | html
LessThanOrEquals   Less-than-or-equal test condition.  code | html
Like   Regular expression test condition.  code | html
NotEquals   Equality test condition (not!).  code | html
NotLike   Regular expression test condition (not!)  code | html
OpEnum   EBus selection operators.  code | html
Or   An OR condition clause.  code | html