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Char   Immutably stores a char datum.  code | html
DataTypeEnum   This immutable class enumerates the ten data types:
  1. byte
  2. char
  3. short
  4. int
  5. long
  6. float
  7. double
  8. boolean
  9. datetime
  10. string
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DateTime   Provides a standardized date/time text format and a String-to-DateTime constructor.  code | html
EAddress   Holds the IP address and TCP port of the client object to which the application is connected.  code | html
RequestId   net.sf.eBus.lang.RequestId uses a unique ID for each request, advertisement and subscription.  code | html
Subject   Stores the message subject in a string array.  code | html
Version   Encapsulates a major.minor.build revision number.  code | html