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RequestInterface   All classes which contain request identifiers should implement this interface.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ConditionMessage   Base class for requests, advertisements and subscriptions - messages which store conditions in its fields.  code | html
DataMessage   Base class for point-to-point, notification and reply messages - messages with concrete field values.  code | html
FeedMessage   Feed messages are a combination of requests and notifications.  code | html
Message   Defines the basic structure of all eBus messages.  code | html
RequestReply   Request messages have an associated request identifier.  code | html
SystemReply   This abstract class contains the member data used by all system message replies: AdvertiseReply , SubscribeReply and StartFeedReply code | html


Advertise   Used to transmit advertisements to the EBus daemon for processing.  code | html
AdvertiseReply   eBus sends this reply in response to a publisher's Request or Notification advertisement.  code | html
FeedStatus   This message is sent by eBus daemon to subscribers when a notification feed is either net.sf.eBus.message.SystemStatusEnum#FEED_UP or net.sf.eBus.message.SystemStatusEnum#FEED_DOWN code | html
InvalidMessageException   InvalidMessageException is thrown when a known message subject, version pair does not match the expected message type.  code | html
Layout   Stores a particular message's subject and version and field definitions.  code | html
LayoutField   Stores a field's name, data type and constraint condition.  code | html
MessageField   Immutably stores the field's data type, the key flag and value.  code | html
MessageTypeEnum   This immutable class enumerates the six message types:
  1. Point-to-point
  2. Notification
  3. Request
  4. Reply
  5. Advertise
  6. Subscribe
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Notification   Notification messages are sent by message feed services to all subscribers.  code | html
PtPMessage   Point-to-Point messages are sent from one eBus client directly to another client.  code | html
Reply   Used to reply to a previous net.sf.eBus.message.Request message.  code | html
Request   Used to transmit requests to the EBus daemon for processing.  code | html
StartFeedReply   eBus sends this reply in response to a previous StartFeedRequest code | html
StartFeedRequest   StartFeedRequest is the connection between a net.sf.eBus.message.Notification and net.sf.eBus.message.Request code | html
StopFeedRequest   StopFeedRequest is sent to a publisher when there are no more subscribers for the specified notification and key.  code | html
Subscribe   Used to transmit subscription filters to the EBus daemon for processing.  code | html
SubscribeReply   eBus sends this reply in response to a previous Notification subscription.  code | html
SystemStatusEnum   This immutable class enumerates the feed status messages:
  • FEED_UP: The notification's feed is now up. 
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UnknownFieldException   UnknownFieldException is thrown when an unknown message field is referenced.  code | html
UnknownMessageException   UnknownMessageException is thrown when an unknown message subject, version pair is referenced.  code | html
Unrequest   This message is used to retract an active net.sf.eBus.message.Request , net.sf.eBus.message.Advertise or net.sf.eBus.message.Subscribe message.  code | html