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Sub Packages:



ThreadListener   Implement this interface in order to monitor a EventThread code | html
TimerTaskListener   Classes using TimerTask should implement this interface.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Enum   This is the base class for all enumerated classes.  code | html
EventThread   When you need a thread that waits for events to be queued, and processes the queue's entries in First In, First Out (FIFO) order, then extend this abstract class and provide the #handleEvent(EventObject) method.  code | html


Counter   Use Counter to count down or count up to either a low water mark or a high water mark.  code | html
IndexPool   You need to obtain a unique integer value.  code | html
Properties   Properties extends java.util.Properties to include:
  • Loading properties from a named file and returning a net.sf.eBus.util.Properties object. 
code | html
QueueFullException   QueueFullException is thrown when a EventThread 's queue would exceed its set maximum limit.  code | html
TimerEvent   A TimerEvent event is sent to those net.sf.eBus.util.TimerTaskListener objects registered with an expired net.sf.eBus.util.TimerTask code | html
TimerTask   An eBus.util.TimerTask associates a timer task with a TimerTaskListener code | html