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Sub Packages:



StringFunctor     code | html

Abstract Classes:

Assembler   this does 2 things:
  • channels input to one of /n/ waiting values
  • Fires off an Array event if index is set higher than the library count. 
code | html
ForEach     code | html
Library   Library is used to select from an array of functors by plugging the IntFilter iface.  code | html
SQLClauseImpl   simple class to give a prefix and a seperator to an obiquitous array (strings)  code | html
Sequencer   this class receives intSource data and stores the int for use in sequncing against a library or array  code | html
StringFunctorImpl     code | html


ColumnValues     code | html
RangeCounter     code | html
RowValues     code | html
StringAssembler     code | html
StringFunctorChain     code | html
StringFunctorForEach     code | html
Three     code | html