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BufferedImageCreator   Creates/converts BufferedImage objects from Image/J's ImageProcessor or ImagePlus.  code | html
DescriptionStringCoder   Decodes and encodes description strings used by ImageJ to store extra image info in TIFF description field.  code | html
ImagePlusCreator   Creates/converts Image/J's image objects from Java2D/JAI representation.  code | html
JAIFileChooserFactory   Factory for creation of JAI IO customized file choosers.  code | html
JAIFileFilter   File filter that detects image files supported by registered JAI codecs.  code | html
JAIFilePreviewer   A utility for JAIFIleChooser that displays preview image, image file size, and image dimensions.  code | html
JAIReader   Read image files using JAI image I/O codec (http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/sampsource/jai/) and convert them to Image/J representation.  code | html
JAIReader.ImageInfo     code | html
JAIWriter   Writes images to files using JAI image I/O codec code | html