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public interface: JRExporter [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JRXmlssExporter, JROdtExporter, JRHtmlExporter, JRXmlExporter, JRXlsExporter, JRGraphics2DExporter, JRAbstractExporter, JExcelApiExporter, JRRtfExporter, JRXlsAbstractExporter, JRPdfExporter, JRPrintServiceExporter, JRCsvExporter, JROdtFrameExporter, JRTextExporter

All document exporting in JasperReports is done through this interface. There is an implementation of this interface for every document format that JasperReports supports at the moment.

Export customization is realized by using export parameters. Each exporter is able to recognize and use its own parameters, but there is a subset of predefined parameters that are common to all exporters. Those are identified by constants in the JRExporterParameter base class. All parameters are documented inside the classes where they are defined.

An important aspect is the output type of each exporter. There are three types of exporters depending on the type of output they produce:

All existing exporters fall into two categories depending on the way the content of the documents they produce could be structured:

Method from net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRExporter Summary:
exportReport,   getParameter,   getParameters,   setParameter,   setParameters
Method from net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRExporter Detail:
 public  void exportReport() throws JRException
    Actually starts the export process.
 public Object getParameter(JRExporterParameter parameter)
    Gets an export parameter.
 public Map getParameters()
    Gets a map containing all export parameters.
 public  void setParameter(JRExporterParameter parameter,
    Object value)
    Sets an export parameter for advanced customization of the export process. Parameters can be either common parameters or specialized ones, depending on the exporter type.
 public  void setParameters(Map parameters)
    Sets export parameters from a specified map.