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public interface: JRPrintHyperlink [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JRTemplatePrintText, JRRecordedValuesPrintImage, JRPrintText, JRPrintImage, JRTemplatePrintImage, JRBasePrintHyperlink, JRBasePrintImage, JRRecordedValuesPrintText, JRBasePrintText

Method from net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRPrintHyperlink Summary:
getHyperlinkAnchor,   getHyperlinkPage,   getHyperlinkParameters,   getHyperlinkReference,   getHyperlinkTarget,   getHyperlinkTooltip,   getHyperlinkType,   getLinkType,   setHyperlinkAnchor,   setHyperlinkPage,   setHyperlinkParameters,   setHyperlinkReference,   setHyperlinkTarget,   setHyperlinkTooltip,   setHyperlinkType,   setLinkType
Method from net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRPrintHyperlink Detail:
 public String getHyperlinkAnchor()
 public Integer getHyperlinkPage()
 public JRPrintHyperlinkParameters getHyperlinkParameters()
    Returns the set of custom hyperlink parameters.
 public String getHyperlinkReference()
 public byte getHyperlinkTarget()
 public String getHyperlinkTooltip()
    Returns the hyperlink tooltip.
 public byte getHyperlinkType()
    Retrieves the hyperlink type for the element.

    The actual hyperlink type is determined by getLinkType() . This method can is used to determine whether the hyperlink type is one of the built-in types or a custom type. When hyperlink is of custom type, HYPERLINK_TYPE_CUSTOM is returned.

 public String getLinkType()
    Returns the hyperlink type.
 public  void setHyperlinkAnchor(String hyperlinkAnchor)
 public  void setHyperlinkPage(Integer hyperlinkPage)
 public  void setHyperlinkParameters(JRPrintHyperlinkParameters parameters)
    Sets the custom hyperlink parameters.

    These parameters will be used to produce the actual hyperlink when the report is exported.

 public  void setHyperlinkReference(String hyperlinkReference)
 public  void setHyperlinkTarget(byte hyperlinkTarget)
 public  void setHyperlinkTooltip(String tooltip)
    Sets the tooltip to be used for the hyperlink.
 public  void setHyperlinkType(byte hyperlinkType)
    Sets the link type as a built-in hyperlink type.
 public  void setLinkType(String type)
    Sets the hyperlink type.

    The type can be one of the built-in types (Reference, LocalAnchor, LocalPage, RemoteAnchor, RemotePage), or can be an arbitrary type.