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public interface: JRPrintText [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    JRAlignment, JRPrintHyperlink, JRBox, JRCommonText, JRPrintAnchor, JRFont, JRPrintElement

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JRTemplatePrintText, JRRecordedValuesPrintText, JRBasePrintText

Field Summary
public static final  byte RUN_DIRECTION_LTR     
public static final  byte RUN_DIRECTION_RTL     
Method from net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRPrintText Summary:
getBox,   getFont,   getFormatFactoryClass,   getFullStyledText,   getFullText,   getLeadingOffset,   getLineSpacingFactor,   getLocaleCode,   getOriginalText,   getOwnLineSpacing,   getOwnMarkup,   getOwnRotation,   getPattern,   getRunDirection,   getStyledText,   getText,   getTextAlignment,   getTextHeight,   getTextTruncateIndex,   getTextTruncateSuffix,   getTimeZoneId,   getValueClassName,   setBox,   setFont,   setLeadingOffset,   setLineSpacing,   setLineSpacing,   setLineSpacingFactor,   setMarkup,   setRotation,   setRotation,   setRunDirection,   setStyledText,   setStyledText,   setText,   setTextAlignment,   setTextHeight,   setTextTruncateIndex,   setTextTruncateSuffix
Method from net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRPrintText Detail:
 public JRBox getBox()Deprecated! Replaced -  by JRBoxContainer#getLineBox() 

 public JRFont getFont()Deprecated! 
 public String getFormatFactoryClass()
    Returns the name of the class implementing the FormatFactory interface to use with this text element, in case it is not the same as the one for the overall document.
 public JRStyledText getFullStyledText(JRStyledTextAttributeSelector attributeSelector)
    Returns the full styled text of this object.
 public String getFullText()
    Returns the full (not truncated) text of this object.
 public float getLeadingOffset()
 public float getLineSpacingFactor()
 public String getLocaleCode()
    Returns the code of the java.util.Locale which was used while formatting the source value of the text.

    The code is created using the java.util.Locale.toString() convention.

    When this attribute is null, the locale returned by JasperPrint.getLocaleCode() is used. This way, the locale is specified in a single place when all the (or many ) texts from a print object were formatted using the same locale.

 public String getOriginalText()
    Returns the original text that was set in this object.
 public Byte getOwnLineSpacing()
 public String getOwnMarkup()
 public Byte getOwnRotation()
 public String getPattern()
    Returns the pattern used to format a value that was the source of this text.

    The pattern can be used to parse the text back to its source value.

 public byte getRunDirection()
 public JRStyledText getStyledText(JRStyledTextAttributeSelector attributeSelector)
    Returns the styled text for this object. The text is truncated according to #getText() .
 public String getText()
 public byte getTextAlignment()Deprecated! Replaced -  by #getHorizontalAlignment() .

 public float getTextHeight()
 public Integer getTextTruncateIndex()
    Returns the index to which this object's text is to be truncated. This index is usually set at report fill time when the engine is instructed to keep the full text in the print text object.
 public String getTextTruncateSuffix()
    Returns the suffix that is to be appended to the truncated text (as returned by #getText() .
 public String getTimeZoneId()
    Returns the ID of the java.util.TimeZone used to format this text's date source value.

    When this attribute is null, the time zone returned by JasperPrint.getTimeZoneId() is used.

 public String getValueClassName()
    Returns the type of the value which was used to generate this text.

    Text fields that have a non-String expression save the value type using this attribute. This information can be used by exporters to treat numerical or date texts (for instance) in a special manner.

 public  void setBox(JRBox box)Deprecated! 
 public  void setFont(JRFont font)Deprecated! 
 public  void setLeadingOffset(float leadingOffset)
 public  void setLineSpacing(byte lineSpacing)
 public  void setLineSpacing(Byte lineSpacing)
 public  void setLineSpacingFactor(float lineSpacingFactor)
 public  void setMarkup(String markup)
 public  void setRotation(byte rotation)
 public  void setRotation(Byte rotation)
 public  void setRunDirection(byte rotation)
 public  void setStyledText(boolean isStyledText)Deprecated! Replaced -  by #setMarkup(String) 

 public  void setStyledText(Boolean isStyledText)Deprecated! Replaced -  by #setMarkup(String) 

 public  void setText(String text)
    Set the text for this object.
 public  void setTextAlignment(byte horizontalAlignment)Deprecated! Replaced -  by #setHorizontalAlignment(byte) .

 public  void setTextHeight(float textHeight)
 public  void setTextTruncateIndex(Integer index)
 public  void setTextTruncateSuffix(String suffix)
    Sets the suffix to be appended to the truncated text.