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Abstract Classes:

ConfigDocument.Entry   Extends the XMLDocument Entry.  code | html
MetadataDocument.Entry   Extends the ConfigDocument Entry.  code | html
XMLDocument   XML Document.  code | html
XMLDocument.Entry   Wraps a dom4j Element which is a document Entry.  code | html


BehaviourEntry   Behaviour Entry.  code | html
ClassDefEntry   ClassDef Entry.  code | html
ClassLibEntry   ClassLib Entry.  code | html
ConfigDocument   Config Document.  code | html
ContentEntry   Content Entry.  code | html
DocumentReader   Document Reader.  code | html
DocumentReader.Context     code | html
EngineEntry   Engine Entry.  code | html
FilterEntry   Filter Entry.  code | html
MetadataDocument   Metadata Document.  code | html
MetadataFilter   Metadata Filter.  code | html
MetadataFilter.ValidationException     code | html
OriginEntry   Origin Entry.  code | html
PIFilter   Processing Instruction Filter.  code | html
ParamDefEntry   ParamDef Entry.  code | html
PointEntry   Point Entity.  code | html
PropertiesEntry   Properties Entry.  code | html
PropertyEntry   Property Entry.  code | html
ServiceEntry   Service Entry.  code | html
StoreEntry   Store Entry.  code | html
TransformEntry   Transform Entry.  code | html
XMLDocument.Handler   ElementHandler for dom4j.  code | html
XMLDocument.Resolver     code | html
XMLDocument.XMLElement   Wraps a dom4j Element.  code | html

All Test Cases:

DocumentTests   Document Tests.  code | html
TestConfigDocument   Test ConfigDocument.  code | html
TestMJD   Test MJD.  code | html
TestMetadataDocument   Test MetadataDocument.  code | html