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public interface: Point [javadoc | source]

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The Point protocol is used to access the informations of a point definition. It is implemented by the net.sf.rvpf.metadata.PointEntity class.

Method from net.sf.rvpf.metadata.Point Summary:
getContent,   getFilters,   getIdent,   getInputs,   getLevel,   getParams,   getResults,   getStore,   getTransform,   getUUID
Method from net.sf.rvpf.metadata.Point Detail:
 public Content getContent()
    Gets this Point's Content handling instance.

    The Point's Content handling provides normalization / denormalization services.

 public List getFilters()
    Gets this Point's filters.

    The filters allow the filtering of Notice values.

 public String getIdent()
    Gets this Point's identification.

    A Point's identification is either its name or ident when available, or its UUID as a String.

 public List getInputs()
    Gets this Point's inputs.

    The Point's inputs are the points that may trigger a computation of this point and / or are needed by this Point's Transform program.

 public int getLevel()
    Gets this Point's level.

    In the context of a Processor, a Point's level determines the order of processing within the Processor.

 public Params getParams()
    Gets this Point's Params.
 public List getResults()
    Gets this Point's dependants.

    When a new or updated value of this Point may trigger the computation of an other Point and / or this Point's value is used in its computation, that other Point is considered a dependant.

 public Store getStore()
    Gets this Point's Store.
 public Transform getTransform()
    Gets this Point's Transform.
 public UUID getUUID()
    Gets this Point's UUID.

    A Point's UUID is the logical primary key for that Point's definition.