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PropertyAccessor   This is interface defines an implementation independant means of obtaining property information.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Dict.DictAction   Action that provides different icon size for both normal and plugin mode.  code | html


Dict   Dictionary user interface as single Swing component.  code | html
Dict.AutoCompleteDocument   Document for AutoComplete enabled JTextField.  code | html
Dict.CyrillicDocument   Provides hard recoding for high 8-bit characters.  code | html
Dict.FindAction   Find action.  code | html
Dict.FindShortcutAction   Find action to be used in fInput JTextField.  code | html
Dict.HistoryAction   History action.  code | html
Dict.HistoryMenu   Implement next 20 words popup menu.  code | html
Dict.HistoryMenu.HistoryMenuHandler     code | html
Dict.HistoryMenu.HistoryMenuItem     code | html
Dict.HistoryNextAction   History next word action.  code | html
Dict.HistoryPreviousAction   History previous word action.  code | html
Dict.InfoAction   Dictionary info action.  code | html
Dict.InputHandler   Handle input method events from fInput JTextField.  code | html
Dict.InputLayout   Layout manager for the input text field.  code | html
Dict.MinimizeAction   Minimize window action.  code | html
Dict.Next20Menu   Implement next 20 words popup menu.  code | html
Dict.Next20Menu.EntryMenuItem     code | html
Dict.Next20Menu.Next20MenuHandler     code | html
Dict.Next20WordAction   Next 20 word action.  code | html
Dict.NextWordAction   Next word action.  code | html
Dict.OptionsAction   User options action.  code | html
Dict.PreviousWordAction   Previous word action.  code | html
Dict.QuitAction   Quit application action.  code | html
Dict.SimilarWordsAction   Similar words action.  code | html
Dict.ToolButton   JButton that can not get focus.  code | html
ExtProperties   Extended representation of standard Java properties set.  code | html
FontChooser   Font Chooser Dialog  code | html
FontChooser.CancelAction     code | html
FontChooser.OKAction     code | html
FontChooser.SizeInputHandler   Handle input method events from size input JTextField and size list selection events.  code | html
FontChooser.SizeVerifier     code | html
InfoDialog   Options UI Dialog  code | html
InfoDialog.CloseAction     code | html
LicenseDialog   License UI Dialog  code | html
LicenseDialog.CloseAction     code | html
Main   Application starting point.  code | html
MainFrame   Main UI window.  code | html
MainFrame.MinimizeHandler   Handle Dict's minimize toolbar button action.  code | html
MainFrame.QuitHandler   Handle Dict's quit toolbar button action.  code | html
MainFrame.WindowHandler   Handle WindowEvents of the frame.  code | html
OptionsDialog   Options UI Dialog  code | html
OptionsDialog.CancelAction   Cancel dialog action.  code | html
OptionsDialog.OKAction   Approve dialog action.  code | html
PrefsPane   User preferences UI editor, encapsulated as single Swing component  code | html
PrefsPane.FontAction   Choose Font action.  code | html
PrefsPane.LicenseAction   Show license action.  code | html
SimilarDialog   Similar UI Dialog  code | html
SimilarDialog.CloseAction   Close action.  code | html
SimilarDialog.EntryModel   ListModel using Chapter.Entry objects.  code | html
SimilarDialog.SelectionHandler   Handle list selection events.  code | html
SimilarDialog.TranslateAction   Translate action.  code | html
UserPrefsModel   Storage for user preferences.  code | html