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IsDebugCommandHandler   Interface for a debug command processing handler.  code | html
IsDebugger   Interface for debuggers using OttoBus communication.  code | html
IsOttoBusSubscriber   Interface implemented by OttoBus subscribers.  code | html


OttoBusCoder   Utility class for encoding/decoding data.  code | html
OttoBusConnection   This class represents the actual OttoBus connection to the network.  code | html
OttoBusDebuggable   Allows remote debugging using OttoBus for communications.  code | html
OttoBusDebugger   Main class for intercepting and dispatching debug messages.  code | html
OttoBusDispatcher   Dispatches incoming messages to interested subscribers.  code | html
OttoBusDispatcher.Subscription   Inner class to describe one client subscription.  code | html
OttoBusException   Base class for OttoBus specific exceptions.  code | html
OttoBusField   Implements a self-describing OttoBus data item.  code | html
OttoBusFragment   Represents one single network packet fragment.  code | html
OttoBusInvalidPacketException   DatagramPacket received on network contains invalid data.  code | html
OttoBusLogger   Logger for OttBus package.  code | html
OttoBusMessage   Implements an OttoBus message object.  code | html
OttoBusMessageID   Implements a "unique" identification for each multi-part message.  code | html
OttoBusPublisher   Publisher for OttoBus messages.  code | html
OttoBusReceiver   Class responsible for assembling byte arrays out of datagrams.  code | html
OttoBusReceiver.Pieces   Inner class serving as a wrapper around the fragments Vector to hold extra housekeeping information.  code | html
OttoBusSender   Class responsible for packing byte arrays into datagrams.  code | html
OttoBusSubscribeException   Exception indicating an error during a subscribe operation.  code | html