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IsFoobaseMouseListener   Interface for foobase specific mouse event listeners.  code | html
IsFoobaseMouseSource   Interface for classes that generate FoobaseMouseEvent objects.  code | html
IsGameDatabase   Interface for databases of chess Games.  code | html
IsGameID   Interface for unique game identifications.  code | html
IsMoveGenerator   Interface for move generators.  code | html


Board   Implements a chessboard setup.  code | html
CBFAnnotation   Encapsulates all more related annotations for an old-style chessbase game.  code | html
CBFDatabase   Implementation of old-style chessbase database.  code | html
CBFGameID   Implements a game-ID for old-style chessbase databases.  code | html
CBFMoveGenerator   Move generator for old-style chessbase databases.  code | html
CBFUtil   Class containing a number of usefull methods for old-style chessbase databases.  code | html
DisplayBoard   Graphical display of a chess position.  code | html
DisplayBoard.MouseFilter     code | html
FoobaseEvent   Base class for Foobase specific events.  code | html
FoobaseMouseAdapter   Prototypical implementation of an IsFoobaseEventListener.  code | html
FoobaseMouseEvent   Foobase specific mouse events.  code | html
Game   Implements one game of chess.  code | html
Log   Helper class to log messages in a separate (scrollable) list.  code | html
Move   Implements one single move.  code | html
Util   Collection of general utility methods.  code | html