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public class: ChecklistNode [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

An implementation of TreeNode for representing J-Bird checklists in a TreeModel.
Field Summary
protected  int list_no    Primary key of the checklist in the database. 
protected  ChecklistDB clistdb     
 public ChecklistNode(int checklistidx,
    ChecklistDB cldb) 
    Checklistidx is the primary key of the checklist in the database.
Method from net.sourceforge.jbird.chklst.ChecklistNode Summary:
children,   getAllowsChildren,   getChildAt,   getChildCount,   getChildren,   getIndex,   getListNum,   getParent,   getParentListNum,   isLeaf,   toString
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Method from net.sourceforge.jbird.chklst.ChecklistNode Detail:
 public Enumeration children() 
    Implements TreeNode. Not implemented. Returns null.
 public boolean getAllowsChildren() 
    Implements TreeNode. Always returns true.
 public TreeNode getChildAt(int childidx) 
    Implements TreeNode.
 public int getChildCount() 
    Implements TreeNode.
 public final int[] getChildren() 
    Return an integer array that contains db primary keys of the children of this node. Keys are order of alphabetized checklist names.
 public int getIndex(TreeNode node) 
    Implements TreeNode.
 public final int getListNum() 
    Return primary key of this checklist in the database.
 public TreeNode getParent() 
    Implements TreeNode.
 public final int getParentListNum() 
 public boolean isLeaf() 
    Implements TreeNode.
 public String toString() 
    Return name of checklist in form suitable for displaying in a JTree component.