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TextSourceInterface     code | html
TextSourceSource     code | html

Abstract Classes:

StringArrayStream     code | html


AvailableEncodings     code | html
DelimitedTokenizer   A tokenizer for delimited data.  code | html
FileTextSource     code | html
IOUtils   Misc static output utilities.  code | html
KeyValueTokenizer     code | html
LogToFile     code | html
LogToFileWindow   an extension of LogToFile that writes information to a RollingTextDialog object as well as to a file.  code | html
LogToNull     code | html
LogToPrintStream     code | html
LogToWriter     code | html
RecodeText   RecodeText is an application that converts text from one encoding to another.  code | html
StringArrayStreamQuoter     code | html
StringArrayStreamWriter   Sends a stream of string arrays to a Writer (FileWriter, StringWriter, etc) .  code | html
StringTextSource     code | html
Tester     code | html
TextEncodings     code | html
TextSource     code | html