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Sub Packages:



MainFrameComponent   An interface implemented by major components displayed by MainFrame.  code | html
SpeciesNameIface     code | html


AddEditTicks   MainFrame component for adding and editing ticks using choosers.  code | html
CateQuery   An intermediate class for *Query classes that categorize ticks.  code | html
CommonChooser     code | html
CommonChooser.ChangedOptionListener     code | html
CommonChooser.InternalSpeciesListener     code | html
CountTicks     code | html
CountTicks.GButtonListener     code | html
Debug   A class of static methods that I find useful for debugging.  code | html
EditableObserverChooser     code | html
EditableObserverChooser.AddObserverAction     code | html
EditableObserverChooser.EditObserverAction     code | html
EditableObserverChooser.EditObserverListener     code | html
EditableObserverChooser.NewObserverListener     code | html
EditableObserverChooser.ObserverActionListener     code | html
EditableRegionChooser     code | html
EditableRegionChooser.AddRegionAction     code | html
EditableRegionChooser.EditRegionAction     code | html
EditableRegionChooser.EditRegionListener     code | html
EditableRegionChooser.NewRegionListener     code | html
EditableRegionChooser.RegionActionListener     code | html
EditableTripChooser     code | html
EditableTripChooser.AddTripAction     code | html
EditableTripChooser.EditTripAction     code | html
EditableTripChooser.EditTripListener     code | html
EditableTripChooser.NewTripListener     code | html
EditableTripChooser.TripActionListener     code | html
EditableTripChooser.TripRegionListener     code | html
ExtensibleChecklist     code | html
FamilyChooser   A component that allows user to choose a family by clicking on it or by typing the name into the text field.  code | html
FamilyChooser.ChangedOptionListener     code | html
FamilyIndex   A class used as a data structure for pointing to the first and last species of a family that is in an array of some kind.  code | html
GenusChooser   Component for choosing genera.  code | html
GenusChooser.ChangedOptionListener     code | html
GenusChooser.GenusFamilyListener     code | html
IndexedSpeciesList   An ArrayList of species that is packaged with an ArrayList of FamilyIndex entries that indicate for each family the indices of first and last species of the family within the ArrayList of species.  code | html
InputFileChooser     code | html
JBird     code | html
JBirdDBBuilder     code | html
JBirdDBBuilderOSX   Alternative main class for JBirdDBBuilder that handles Mac OS X peculiarities.  code | html
JBirdDBTools     code | html
JBirdOSX   An alternative main class for JBird that handles Mac OS X peculiarities.  code | html
JBirdOptions   This class contains option data, static methods and one dynamic method.  code | html
JBirdSQL     code | html
JTextEditor   JTextEditor is JBird's embedded editor.  code | html
JTextEditor.BuildTextSourceSource     code | html
JbirdDB     code | html
ListInfoPanel     code | html
ListSpecies   MainFrameComponent for generating lists of observed species (e.g., life lists).  code | html
ListSpecies.ColumnChoiceListener     code | html
ListSpecies.GButtonListener     code | html
MSCSVFilter   Custom filter class created to handle hexidecimal 96 values that serve as apostrophes in the common names filed of the AOU checklist of North American birds.  code | html
MainFrame   J-Bird workhorse class.  code | html
MainFrame.CommonSciListener   Listen on View menu Common names and scientific names.  code | html
MainFrame.EditPreferencesListener     code | html
MainFrame.LogShowHideListener     code | html
MainFrame.LogWClosedListener     code | html
MainFrame.OptionListener     code | html
MainFrame.ViewCreditsListener     code | html
MainFrame.ViewLicenseListener     code | html
MainFrameState   A hash map for storing persistence information for components.  code | html
MasterListBuilder     code | html
NewObserver     code | html
NewRegion   Dialog for entering name of a new region.  code | html
NewTrip   A dialog for creating a trip.  code | html
NewTrip.NotesButtonListener     code | html
NoDataException   Exception thrown when no data is found when that is not expected.  code | html
NoteBodyFormatter   A formatter that extracts the bodies of notes.  code | html
NoteCache   A source of note contents when frequently reading notes from the db as when notes are displayed in tables.  code | html
NoteNumObjFormatter   A subclass of ObjectFormatter for obtaining notes when converting a table that contains notes to CSV.  code | html
NoteNumber   Holder for note numbers to be displayed in JTables.  code | html
NoteNumberFilter   A filter for transforming Integers retrieved in a db query to class NoteNumber for TickQueryTableModel.  code | html
NoteOMatic   This class displays a note in a JEditorPane dialog box whenever the user clicks on a note in the associated JTable.  code | html
NoteRenderer   A TableCellRenderer class that loads notes from the database on demands and renders them.  code | html
ObjArrIntZComparator     code | html
ObserverChooser     code | html
ObserverDialog     code | html
ObserverEditor     code | html
OptionEditor   An extension of Dialog that displays options for modification by the user and effects changes.  code | html
OptionEditor.DefaultsListener     code | html
OptionEditor.RestoreListener     code | html
OptionManager   This class contains methods for changing options, accepting listeners and notifying listeners when options change.  code | html
OutputChoice   A component for selecting destination of output, usually browser vs file.  code | html
OutputFormatChoice   A subclass of OutputChoice that includes a chooser for format choice.  code | html
QRestrictPanel   A panel that contains components for restricting queries.  code | html
QRestrictPanel.ChoiceListener     code | html
QueryTicks   MainFrame graphical user interface for querying ticks and producing nice results in either CSV or HTML format.  code | html
QueryTicks.GoListener     code | html
RegionChooser     code | html
RegionDialog     code | html
RegionEditor     code | html
ReportTrips   MainFrame component for reporting trips.  code | html
ReportTrips.GoListener   Listener for Go (produce report) button.  code | html
ReportTrips.TripListener   Receive changes in selected trip and act accordingly.  code | html
ScienceChooser   A panel that presents choosers for family, genus and species.  code | html
ScienceChooser.LocalListener   A class to listen for selection of species so that it can report it to the logger.  code | html
SoundOptionPanel   A panel used to set options regarding sound files.  code | html
Species   A "data structure" for holding information about a species.  code | html
SpeciesArrayList   An ArrayList of Species objects that will be in whatever order they emerge from the collection from which the ArrayList is built.  code | html
SpeciesChooser     code | html
SpeciesChooser.ChangedOptionListener     code | html
SpeciesChooser.InternalSpeciesListener     code | html
SpeciesChooser.SpeciesGenusListener     code | html
SpeciesComparatorCommon   Implementation of Comparator interface that can be used to collate Species objects on the basis of the value of their common names.  code | html
SpeciesComparatorScientific   Implementation of Comparator interface that can be used to collate Species objects on the basis of the value of their scientific names (binomials).  code | html
SpeciesComparatorSortOrder   Implementation of Comparator interface that can be used to collate Species objects on the basis of the value of their sort orders.  code | html
SpeciesDataTable   A split table that uses a SpeciesTable as the reference column.  code | html
SpeciesDataTableModel     code | html
SpeciesList   SpeciesList is an object that contains a list of species, including: family, genus, specific eptithet, common name, species number, as well as a hash that provides a means of finding out which index refers to a given species number.  code | html
SpeciesListQuery   A class that can be used to query the db for lists of observed species.  code | html
SpeciesSet   Convenient wrapper for TreeSet that makes it easy to add species without worrying about duplicates.  code | html
SpeciesTable   A subclass of JTable that provides the mechanism for expanding and collapsing families of species in a SpeciesTableModel.  code | html
SpeciesTableDialog   A dialog for presenting species tables.  code | html
SpeciesTableModel   A table model for species lists that supports collapsable families.  code | html
TallyQuery   A class for tallying ticks.  code | html
TestDB     code | html
TestJB   Test various J-Bird classes and methods.  code | html
Tick   A convenient package for passing around ticks.  code | html
TickQuery     code | html
TickQueryRestrictions   A class for compiling tick query restrictions for region, observer, date or month.  code | html
TickQueryTableModel   A TableModel class that provides data from a TickQuery.  code | html
Ticker   Panel that performs ticking for AddEditTicks.  code | html
Ticker.AnnotateButtonListener     code | html
Ticker.DisplayButtonListener     code | html
Ticker.TickButtonListener     code | html
Ticker.TickObserverListener     code | html
Ticker.TickRegionListener     code | html
Ticker.TickSpeciesListener     code | html
Ticker.TickTripListener     code | html
Ticker.UnTickButtonListener     code | html
TickerTableModel   A table model for tables in which species seen on trips can be ticked on a checklist.  code | html
TripChooser     code | html
TripChooser.TripRegionListener     code | html
TripDialog     code | html
TripEditor   A dialog for changing information that is associated with a trip.  code | html
TripEditor.EditNotesListener     code | html
TripInfo     code | html
TripListQuery   The class that performs a query for species, observers, notes associated with a trip.  code | html
TripReporter   Configurable object for obtaining trip reports from database.  code | html
TripTicks     code | html