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public class: ResultSetTableModel [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Nullify, TableModel, Serializable

Direct Known Subclasses:

A read-only table model for ResultSets.

Classes that JTable knows how to render (String, Boolean and subclasses of Numeric) are passed on as is. Dates are converted to strings using a locale-specific format of DateFormat.MEDIUM. All other classes are passed as Strings resulting from Object.toString().

Field Summary
protected  Class[] columnclasses     
protected  Object[][] data     
protected  String[] columnnames     
protected  int nrows     
protected  int ncol     
protected  ObjectFilter passfilter     
protected  ObjectFilter[] columnfilters     
protected  DateFormatFilter date_filter     
Fields inherited from javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel:
 public ResultSetTableModel(ResultSet rs) throws SQLException 
 public ResultSetTableModel(ResultSet rs,
    DateFormat dformat) throws SQLException 
Method from net.sourceforge.jbird.table.ResultSetTableModel Summary:
common,   getColumnClass,   getColumnCount,   getColumnName,   getRowCount,   getValueAt,   isCellEditable,   loadColumnClass,   loadColumnClasses,   loadColumnFilters,   loadColumnNames,   loadData,   nullify,   setColumnFilter,   setColumnNames
Methods from javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel:
addTableModelListener,   findColumn,   fireTableCellUpdated,   fireTableChanged,   fireTableDataChanged,   fireTableRowsDeleted,   fireTableRowsInserted,   fireTableRowsUpdated,   fireTableStructureChanged,   getColumnClass,   getColumnName,   getListeners,   getTableModelListeners,   isCellEditable,   removeTableModelListener,   setValueAt
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from net.sourceforge.jbird.table.ResultSetTableModel Detail:
 protected final  void common(ResultSet rs,
    DateFormat dformat) throws SQLException 
 public Class getColumnClass(int colindex) 
    Overrides TableModel.
 public int getColumnCount() 
    Overrides TableModel.
 public String getColumnName(int colindex) 
    Overrides TableModel.
 public int getRowCount() 
    Overrides TableModel.
 public Object getValueAt(int rowidx,
    int colidx) 
    Overrides TableModel.
 public boolean isCellEditable(int rowidx,
    int colidx) 
    Overrides TableModel.
 protected  void loadColumnClass(int idx,
    ResultSetMetaData md) throws SQLException 
 protected final  void loadColumnClasses(ResultSetMetaData md) throws SQLException 
 protected final  void loadColumnFilters() 
 protected final  void loadColumnNames(ResultSetMetaData md) throws SQLException 
 protected final  void loadData(ResultSet rs) throws SQLException 
 public  void nullify() 
 protected  void setColumnFilter(int colidx) 
 public final  void setColumnNames(String[] names) 
    Set column names. Use this method before passing the TickQueryTableModel object to a JTable method/constructor that sets titles. This is intended as a method for providing a table with more appealing titles than those that appear in the actual tables.

    If the length of the argument is shorter than the existing array of names, names will be copied into the existing array.