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MFlowUI   Interface to specify what funcionality a MFlowUI must provide  code | html


ContactAddDialog   Dialog to allow the addition of ContactGroups, Contacts, and ContactMethods to a ContactGroup  code | html
ContactComponent   Component to display a Contact  code | html
ContactList   A class to display Contacts and ContactMethods as a tree. Allows multiple selections.  code | html
ContactListTreeCellRenderer   A tree renderer for ContactGroups, Contacts and ContactMethods  code | html
ContactListTreeModel   A TreeModel for ContactGroups, Contacts, and ContactMethods  code | html
DefaultUI   A default implementation of a MFlowUI  code | html
FolderList   A Tree view of MsgFolders  code | html
FolderListTreeCellRenderer   TreeRenderer for MsgFolders  code | html
FolderListTreeModel   A TreeModel for MsgFolders  code | html
MenuHelpTextAdapter   Class to display information in the statusbar when a menuitem is opened  code | html
MsgFolderTableModel   A TableModel for an MsgFolder  code | html
MsgViewer   A JPanel for viewing Msgs  code | html
MsgWriter   A JPanel for writing new Msgs  code | html
ToolBarHelpTextAdapter   Class to display information in the statusbar when a toolbar button is hovered over  code | html