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ClassDeclarationPhase   When a generator implements ClassDeclarationPhase, its generate method will only be invoked while generating the servlet's class body and not during the service method phase.  code | html
CommentGenerator   JSP Comment Generator  code | html
CoreElement   The core elements we recognize...  code | html
DestroyMethodPhase   If a generator needs to output things into the destroy() method of the generated servlet, it should implement DestroyMethodPhase  code | html
FileDeclarationPhase   If a generator wants to output stuff at "file scope" in the generated servlet class, it should implement this interface.  code | html
Generator   Interface that all generators implement.  code | html
InitMethodPhase   If you want code generated into init() method, then implement this interface.  code | html
JavaCompiler   If you want to plugin your own Java compiler, you probably want to write a class that implements this interface.  code | html
JspParseEventListener.PageDirectiveHandler     code | html
Mangler   You can control attributes like classname, packagename etc by plugging in your own mangler.  code | html
ParseEventListener   Interface for the JSP code generation backend.  code | html
Parser.Action     code | html
ServiceMethodPhase   If your generator needs to generate code into the jspService() method (which is very likely), it should implement this class.  code | html
StaticInitializerPhase   Generators the need to generate code that end up being statically initialized need to implement this class.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

GeneratorBase   Helpful abstract base class that generators can extend.  code | html
TagGeneratorBase   Common stuff for use with TagBegin and TagEndGenerators.  code | html


BeanEndGenerator   Deal with .  code | html
BeanGenerator   Generate code for useBean.  code | html
BeanRepository   Holds instances of {session, application, page}-scoped beans  code | html
CharDataGenerator   CharDataGenerator generates the character data present in the JSP file.  code | html
CompileException   Class for parser exceptions.  code | html
Compiler   If you want to customize JSP compilation aspects, this class is something you should take a look at.  code | html
DeclarationGenerator   Generator to deal with JSP declarations.  code | html
DelegatingListener   Simple util class....  code | html
EscapeUnicodeWriter   Used to escape unicode characters with \ u's.  code | html
ExpressionGenerator   Generator to deal with JSP expressions: <%= ... %> stuff.  code | html
ForwardGenerator   Generator for   code | html
GetPropertyGenerator   Generator for jsp:getProperty.  code | html
IncludeGenerator   Generator for jsp:include.  code | html
InfoGenerator   Info directive.  code | html
JakartaCommentGenerator   Generates original "Jakarta"-style comments  code | html
JspCompiler   JspCompiler is an implementation of Compiler with a funky code mangling and code generation scheme.  code | html
JspLineMap   Data structure to store the line and file map information.  code | html
JspLineMapItem   Data structure used for each individual line map item.  code | html
JspParseEventListener   JSP code generator "backend".  code | html
JspParseEventListener.AutoFlushHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.BufferHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.ContentTypeHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.ErrorPageHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.ExtendsHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.GeneratorWrapper     code | html
JspParseEventListener.ImportsHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.InfoHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.IsErrorPageHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.IsThreadSafeHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.LanguageHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.PageDirectiveHandlerInfo     code | html
JspParseEventListener.PageEncodingHandler     code | html
JspParseEventListener.SessionHandler     code | html
JspReader   JspReader is an input buffer for the JSP parser.  code | html
JspUtil   This class has all the utility method(s).  code | html
JspUtil.ValidAttribute     code | html
MappedCharDataGenerator   CharDataGenerator generates the character data present in the JSP file.  code | html
Mark   Mark represents a point in the JSP input.  code | html
Mark.IncludeState   Keep track of parser before parsing an included file.  code | html
MyEntityResolver     code | html
MyErrorHandler     code | html
PageDataImpl   Implementation of abstract class javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.PageData.  code | html
ParseException   Class for parser exceptions.  code | html
Parser   The class that parses the JSP input and calls the right methods on the code generator backend.  code | html
Parser.Bean     code | html
Parser.Comment     code | html
Parser.Declaration     code | html
Parser.Directive     code | html
Parser.Expression     code | html
Parser.Forward     code | html
Parser.GetProperty     code | html
Parser.Include     code | html
Parser.Plugin     code | html
Parser.QuoteEscape     code | html
Parser.Scriptlet     code | html
Parser.SetProperty     code | html
Parser.Tag     code | html
ParserController   Controller for the parsing of a JSP page.  code | html
ParserXJspSax   SAX Parser to handle XJsp syntax.  code | html
ParserXJspSaxHandler   The SAX (2.0) parser event handler.  code | html
ParserXJspSaxHandler.Node     code | html
ParserXJspSaxHandler.NodeTag     code | html
PluginGenerator   Generator for   code | html
ScriptletGenerator   Generator for <% .... %> stuff.  code | html
ServletWriter   This is what is used to generate servlets.  code | html
SetPropertyGenerator   Generator for jsp:setProperty.  code | html
StoredCharDataGenerator   StoredCharDataGenerator generates HTML and other data present in JSP files to be stored/serialized into a .dat file.  code | html
TagBeginGenerator   Custom tag support.  code | html
TagCache   A simple cache to hold results of one-time evaluation for a custom tag.  code | html
TagEndGenerator   Custom tag support.  code | html
TagGeneratorBase.TagVariableData     code | html
TagLibraries   A container for all tag libraries that have been imported using the taglib directive.  code | html
TagLibraries.TagID     code | html
TagLibraryInfoImpl   Implementation of the TagLibraryInfo class from the JSP spec.  code | html
TldLocationsCache   A container for all tag libraries that are defined "globally" for the web application.  code | html
UninterpretedTagBeginGenerator   Generates the start element of an uninterpreted tag.  code | html
UninterpretedTagEndGenerator   Generates the start element of an uninterpreted tag.  code | html
XmlOutputter   Class responsible for generating the XML stream representing the JSP translation unit being compiled.  code | html