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public interface: ServletMapping [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ServletMappingWithExtension, ServletMappingWithVirtualPath

Method from net.sourceforge.myfaces.webapp.ServletMapping Summary:
encodeTreeIdForURL,   getTreeIdFromRequest,   mapTreeIdToFilename
Method from net.sourceforge.myfaces.webapp.ServletMapping Detail:
 public String encodeTreeIdForURL(FacesContext facesContext,
    String treeId)
    Maps the real URL of a link or form action to an appropriate (virtual) URL that conforms to the servlet mapping in web.xml.
 public String getTreeIdFromRequest(ServletRequest request)
    Returns treeId that corresponds to the current request.
 public String mapTreeIdToFilename(ServletContext servletContext,
    String treeId)
    Converts the given (response) treeId, so that it can be used as the forward URL by the ViewHandler or as a filename to parse the current JSP.