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public final class: NeonFileFilter [javadoc | source]
 public NeonFileFilter() 
Method from net.sourceforge.neonzip.NeonFileFilter Summary:
accept,   addExtension,   getDescription,   getExtension,   isExtensionListInDescription,   setDescription,   setExtensionListInDescription
Methods from javax.swing.filechooser.FileFilter:
accept,   getDescription
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Method from net.sourceforge.neonzip.NeonFileFilter Detail:
 public boolean accept(File f) 
    Return true if this file should be shown in the directory pane, false if it shouldn't.
 public  void addExtension(String extension) 
    Add dot to given extension to the end of filename.
 public String getDescription() 
    Return this filter description.
 public String getExtension(File f) 
    Retirn filename extension.
 public boolean isExtensionListInDescription() 
 public  void setDescription(String description) 
    Set description of this filter.
 public  void setExtensionListInDescription(boolean b)