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OperationPtg   defines a Ptg that is an operation instead of an operand  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Ptg     code | html


AddPtg     code | html
AreaPtg     code | html
AttrPtg   "Special Attributes" This seems to be a Misc Stuff and Junk record.  code | html
DividePtg     code | html
ExpPtg     code | html
FormulaUtil     code | html
IntPtg   Integer (short intger) Stores a (java) short value in a formula  code | html
MemErrPtg     code | html
MultiplyPtg     code | html
NamePtg     code | html
ParenthesisPtg   Denotes that the previous operation (if just after an operation) or operand (if just after an operand) should appear in parenthesis.  code | html
PowerPtg     code | html
SubtractPtg     code | html
UnknownPtg     code | html
ValueReferencePtg     code | html
ValueVariableFunctionPtg   An excel function with variable number of value arguments.  code | html