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Sub Packages:



ElementProcessor   The ElementProcessor interface defines behavior for classes that can handle a particular XML element's content.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ElementProcessorFactory   Create instances of specific ElementProcessor implementations to handle specific XML elements and their content.  code | html
MyElementProcessorFactory     code | html
POIFSSerializer   An implementation of nearly all of the methods included in the net.sourceforge.poi.serialization.Serializer interface This is an abstract class.  code | html


A   Trivial implementation of Attribute  code | html
A.Attribute     code | html
Attribute   Encapsulation of a single XML element attribute in a way that shields the consumer from the data's XML origins.  code | html
ClassBasedFactory     code | html
ConstructorBasedFactory     code | html
EPF   Trivial extension of ElementProcessorFactory  code | html
ElementProcessorFactory.CannotCreateElementProcessorException   Exception to be thrown when an ElementProcessor cannot be created.  code | html
HSSFElementProcessorFactory   a simple extension of ElementProcessorFactory that maps the HSSF XML element names to HSSF-specific ElementProcessor progenitor objects.  code | html
PS   Trivial extension of POIFSSerializer  code | html

All Test Cases:

TestAttribute   Class to test Attribute functionality.  code | html
TestElementProcessorFactory   Class to test ElementProcessorFactory functionality.  code | html
TestHSSFElementProcessorFactory   Class to test HSSFElementProcessorFactory functionality.  code | html
TestPOIFSSerializer   Class to test POIFSSerializer functionality.  code | html