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ModemDataReceiver     code | html


ByteFIFO   Used to store bytes in a buffer  code | html
LineBuffer   For storing lines of data in a buffer and parsing it  code | html
ModemData   ModemData contains all of the necesary logic for Binary Synchronous Protocol (used in modems)  code | html
ModemInputStream   Encapsulates the modem's input stream and filters out all of the DLE escape codes (as per the Bisync protocol) (Use of "Chain of Responsibility" Pattern)  code | html
ModemOutputStream   Extends the existing output stream of the modem to provide needed functionality  code | html
ModemString   Stores a string in a format for the modem  code | html
ReadWorkerThread   Does all the work of reading the data from the modem.  code | html

All Test Cases:

TestByteFIFO     code | html
TestLineBuffer     code | html