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Entity   Interface for Entity  code | html
MessageTransport   Interface for Messaging System Transports to hook into  code | html

Abstract Classes:

EntityType   Entity Types  code | html
MessageType     code | html
RecipientType     code | html
SenderType     code | html


Contact   Class to hold a messaging contact  code | html
Contacts   Class to hold a collection of Contact objects  code | html
Log   Logging Object  code | html
Message   Messaging Object  code | html
Messages     code | html
Recipient   Class to represent a Message Recipient  code | html
Recipients     code | html
SMSConfiguration   SMS Configuration Object  code | html
SMSFiles   SMS Files Object  code | html
SMSTest   Sms Test Class  code | html
Sender   Class to represent a Message Sender  code | html
SerialSend   Class for Messaging System Transports via Serial Phone  code | html