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Sub Packages:



HTTPSession     code | html
Logger   This is an asynchronous Logger thread that accepts log messages to a Queue and writes them to the logfile from time to time (all 5 seconds).  code | html
MailHostData     code | html
Plugin   This provides a generic interface for WebMail Plugins  code | html
StatusServer   StatusServer.java A Server object that can return a status message.  code | html
TimeableConnection     code | html
URLHandler   Classes that want to register for handling URLs must implement this.  code | html
URLHandlerTreeNode   This is an interface just to ensure that the URLHandlerTree gets correct data.  code | html
UserData     code | html
WebMailVirtualDomain   Represents a virtual domain in WebMail.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Authenticator   Generic class for user authentication.  code | html
Storage   This provides a generic interface for getting and setting stored data in WebMail.  code | html
WebMailServer   This is WebMails main server. From here most parts will be administered.  code | html


AdminSession     code | html
AuthenticatorHandler     code | html
BinaryNotFoundException   BinaryNotFoundException.java Created: Thu May 4 15:38:04 2000  code | html
ConnectionTimer     code | html
InvalidDataException     code | html
InvalidPasswordException     code | html
NoSuchFolderException     code | html
PluginDependencyTree     code | html
PluginHandler     code | html
PluginHandler.FFilter   A filter to find WebMail Plugins.  code | html
StylesheetNotFoundException   StylesheetNotFoundException.java Created: Thu May 4 15:37:15 2000  code | html
SystemCheck     code | html
TimeoutException     code | html
ToplevelURLHandler   Handle URLs.  code | html
URLHandlerTree   A tree structure to improve (speed up) access to URLs  code | html
WebMailException     code | html
WebMailServlet   This is WebMails main server.  code | html
WebMailSession   A user session for WebMail.  code | html