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nserverdemo: Javadoc index of package nserverdemo.

Package Samples:



NsSample: The Network Server sample demo program is a simple JDBC application that interacts with the Derby Network Server. The program: 1. starts the Derby Network Server 2. loads the IBM DB2 JDBC Universal driver or derby client JDBC driver (default is the derby client JDBC driver) 3. creates the database if not already created 4. checks to see if the schema is already created, and if not, 5. creates the schema which includes the table SAMPLETBL and corresponding indexes. 6. connects to the database 7. loads the schema by inserting data 8. starts client threads to perform database related operations 9. ...
NsSampleWork: NsSampleWork class represents all the work done in the sample demo program. It includes getting a connection to the database, creating and loading of schema, preparing and execution of SQL statements (insert, select, update, delete )
NetworkServerUtil: Class for starting the Derby NetworkServer on a separate Thread. This class provides methods to start, and shutdown the server
NsSampleClientThread: NsSampleClientThread thread to perform the NsSampleWork

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