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Class Summary
AbsPanel Created: Wed Feb 02 05:57:21 2000
BugReportsOverview Panel for displaying the overview of bug reports.
ChangePasswordDialog Dialog for password changing of Bug Base.
DatabaseAdminView Created: Fri Mar 03 18:00:27 2000
DateCellRenderer Renders Date cells.
DoubleListPanel Created: Sun Jun 11 20:55:46 2000
InfoDialog Information popup Created: Thu Apr 27 06:21:09 2000
LoginDialog Login dialog for logging into Bug Base.
MainAdminView main panel of the administration applet.
MainView Created: Tue Feb 01 18:30:12 2000
SimpleListPanel Panel containing a list element, a text element and three buttons for adding, deleting and saving.
StringDialog Query a String in a dialog.
StringUtility String Utility.
UserPanel Created: Fri Jun 09 05:57:20 2000