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openfuture.bugbase.domain.update.* (5)

openfuture.bugbase.domain: Javadoc index of package openfuture.bugbase.domain.

Package Samples:



IntroduceGroupsUpdate: All bug reports belong to a user group. This way it is possible to restrict the access to bug reports to a certain group. Created: Mon Jun 12 20:06:16 2000
CreateDBUsersUpdate: Create all existing users as database users and replace the email address in the bug reports by the user IDs. Created: Wed Jun 14 12:27:16 2000
CreateNewDbUsers: Creates new DB users for each user ID occuring in the 'users' table. All user IDs must be alphanumeric. Created: Sat Jun 24 10:56:39 2000
PasswordUpdate: User passwords are stored in the USERS table. A password column is added by this update. Created: Sun Aug 27 14:51:30 2000
MasterDataService: Master data service for Bug Base . Created: Wed Jan 10 11:46:44 2001
DomainObject: Base class for domain objects. Handles the state of domain objects. Created: Fri Jun 09 03:46:29 2000
Persistency: Persistency Layer implementing the database access. Created: Tue Feb 08 06:04:19 2000
LoginManager: Manager handling logins into Bug Base. Created: Mon Jul 02 21:26:02 2001
VersionManager: Manages versions of domain objects. Created: Tue Apr 25 20:39:54 2000
MasterDataProvider: Created: Wed Jan 10 16:49:20 2001
User: User domain object. Created: Fri Jun 09 03:45:47 2000
UserTableUpdate: Created: Mon May 01 22:15:50 2000
Login: Login data object. Created: Sun Jun 25 08:41:38 2000

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