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Package openfuture.bugbase.model

Interface Summary
JspConstants Constants for JSPs.
Transaction Interface defining version updates of the persistency layer.
VersionUpdate Created: Tue May 02 22:50:23 2000

Class Summary
BugReportDoctorComparator Compare two objects.
BugReportIdComparator Compares two bug reports by their ID 55 .
BugReportLevelComparator Compares bug reports by their error level.
BugReportStatus bug report status Created: Tue May 30 21:06:41 2000
BugReportStatusComparator Compares two bug reports by their rejecting date 55 If these are equal, their fixing date 55 is used for comparison.
BugReportTitleComparator Compares two bug reports by their title 55 .
ErrorLevel Created: Tue May 30 19:20:19 2000
Result Object containing a boolean flag and a message.
Session Container for session data.
TransactionResult result container of a transaction.
Validators Created: Tue Jun 20 17:20:32 2000
Version Created: Tue Apr 25 20:51:24 2000
VersionLabel Versions label with three levels: major version, minor version and build.