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Package Samples:



BugBaseServlet: Main servlet handling the access to the Bug Base Database. It should not be used directly but only with the corresponding proxy . This servlet expects a openfuture.bugbase.xobjects.BugBaseQuery serialized request object in the HTTP request. Depending upon the query type 55 is the behaviour of the servlet. It executes the desired query and returns the result wrapped into a query result object . Created: Sun Feb 06 22:45:01 2000
BugReportStatusComparator: Compares two bug reports by their rejecting date 55 If these are equal, their fixing date 55 is used for comparison. If these are also equal, starting date 55 is used for comparison. If these are also equal, their reported date 55 . If they are equal, their ID 55 is used. Created: Mon Apr 03 20:31:26 2000
BugReportDoctorComparator: Compare two objects. If o1 and o1 are bug reports , their doctor 55 is compared. Created: Fri Mar 30 23:45:19 2001
BugBaseServletClient: This class is the proxy to BugBaseServlet . It communicates with serialized objects via HTTP with the servlet. Created: Sun Feb 06 16:58:12 2000
BugReportTitleComparator: Compares two bug reports by their title 55 . Created: Fri Mar 09 06:40:48 2001
BugReportIdComparator: Compares two bug reports by their ID 55 . Created: Fri Mar 09 06:27:29 2001
BugBaseException: Exception containing the (internationalizable) description of the reason why this exception occured and the resulting situation. Created: Wed Jul 05 23:07:29 2000
IntroduceGroupsUpdate: All bug reports belong to a user group. This way it is possible to restrict the access to bug reports to a certain group. Created: Mon Jun 12 20:06:16 2000
CreateDBUsersUpdate: Create all existing users as database users and replace the email address in the bug reports by the user IDs. Created: Wed Jun 14 12:27:16 2000
CreateNewDbUsers: Creates new DB users for each user ID occuring in the 'users' table. All user IDs must be alphanumeric. Created: Sat Jun 24 10:56:39 2000
SimpleListPanel: Panel containing a list element, a text element and three buttons for adding, deleting and saving. Created: Fri Jun 09 18:13:20 2000
PasswordUpdate: User passwords are stored in the USERS table. A password column is added by this update. Created: Sun Aug 27 14:51:30 2000
JspAccessTestCase: Test all JSPs that require a login, if the login is correctly requested. Created: Wed Oct 31 16:04:12 2001
MasterDataService: Master data service for Bug Base . Created: Wed Jan 10 11:46:44 2001
VersionLabel: Versions label with three levels: major version, minor version and build. Created: Tue Apr 25 20:52:08 2000
DomainObject: Base class for domain objects. Handles the state of domain objects. Created: Fri Jun 09 03:46:29 2000
BugBaseJspServlet: Servlet setting all application context parameters for the JSPs. Created: Sat Dec 02 23:08:21 2000
Transaction: Interface defining version updates of the persistency layer. Created: Mon May 01 21:58:38 2000
SessionManager: Manages Sessions. The SessionManager intantiates lazily. Created: Sun Jul 02 15:46:33 2000
SelectLanguageAction: Action class setting the locale of the current session. Created: Mon Jan 08 23:34:31 2001
BugBaseApplet: Applet for management of the bug reports of Bug Base. Created: Tue Feb 01 06:14:34 2000
BugBaseLogin: Extended login containing additionally a project entry. Created: Sun Nov 05 05:19:14 2000
BusinessTestCase: Abstract base class for Bug Base business test cases. Created: Sun Oct 28 19:16:03 2001
RegistrationAction: Action class handling the registration at Bug Base. Created: Tue Jan 09 12:52:15 2001
QueryResultVersions: result of the query for servlet and objects versions. Created: Wed Apr 26 12:55:56 2000

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