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openfuture.editxml.model: Javadoc index of package openfuture.editxml.model.

Package Samples:


XmlDomain: Bean holding all attributes of a XML domain, i.e. a set of files with the same DTD, directory, editor and URL prefix. Created: Tue Apr 10 18:38:33 2001
JspConstants: Constants for JSPs (derived from project Bug Base ). Created: Tue Apr 10 18:05:00 2001
REFilenameFilter: File name filter for regular expressions. Created: Wed Apr 11 22:37:54 2001
XmlFormMapper: Mapper between DOM trees and XML forms. Created: Thu Apr 12 05:48:51 2001
DomainManager: Manages XML domains. Created: Wed Apr 11 06:18:36 2001

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