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Class MyMasterDataService  view MyMasterDataService download

  extended byopenfuture.masterdata.DefaultMasterDataService
      extended byopenfuture.masterdata.test.MyMasterDataService
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MyMasterDataService
extends openfuture.masterdata.DefaultMasterDataService

This class extends the DefaultMasterDataService to add some more behavior for the example: the intialize() method fills the master data cache with some example data Creation date: (10.09.00 09:41:52)

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void initialize()
          Initialize the Master Data cache
Methods inherited from class openfuture.masterdata.DefaultMasterDataService
addMasterDataContainer, getMasterData, getMasterDataCache, setMasterDataCache
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Constructor Detail


public MyMasterDataService()

Method Detail


public void initialize()
Initialize the Master Data cache

This subclass is a simple exampe how master data can be initialized.

You might want to create an instance of this class at start-up of your (server) application and initialize is in order to fetch some data, e.g. from a legacy system or interface. Creation date: (10.09.00 09:38:20)