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openfuture.util.misc.testcase.* (1)

openfuture.util.misc: Javadoc index of package openfuture.util.misc.

Package Samples:



Trace: The Trace class provides static methods that can be used in Java Applets and Applications to output trace messages to a trace device. Traces can be activated on a per class basis and for each class a combination of any of the following trace levels is possible: 0.ERROR: should be used in case of severe errors 1.WARNING: should be used in case of warnings and uncritical errors 2.IN: should be used as the first statement in a method 3.OUT: should be used before existing a method 4.PARAMETER: should be used to trace out method parameters 5.MESSAGE: should be used to trace out any message within the ...
StripWhitespaceReaderTestCase: Testsuite for StripWhitespaceReader . Created: Wed May 02 19:17:36 2001
HashTree: Tree using a java.util.Hashtable in order to store the child nodes. Created: Sun May 13 17:13:10 2001
StripWhitespaceReader: Reader stripping multiple whitespace characters. Created: Wed May 02 18:45:53 2001
DocumentHistory: History of a document. Created: Tue Sep 25 19:05:25 2001
SessionLocales: Created: Tue Jan 09 08:14:36 2001

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