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Package Samples:



Trace: The Trace class provides static methods that can be used in Java Applets and Applications to output trace messages to a trace device. Traces can be activated on a per class basis and for each class a combination of any of the following trace levels is possible: 0.ERROR: should be used in case of severe errors 1.WARNING: should be used in case of warnings and uncritical errors 2.IN: should be used as the first statement in a method 3.OUT: should be used before existing a method 4.PARAMETER: should be used to trace out method parameters 5.MESSAGE: should be used to trace out any message within the ...
HttpActionServlet: HTTP Servlet with unified GET and POST access. Request parameters for the GET are coded into the query string: <action-name>(&<identifier>=<value>)* The parameters for POST are accessible via ServletRequest.getParameter(java.lang.String) > ServletRequest.getParameter(java.lang.String) 55 . Subclasses should override handleAction(java.util.Hashtable, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse) 55 . Created: Sun Nov 12 10:35:37 2000 (Originally created in Web Glossary ).
I18NException: Exception containing the (internationalizable) description of the reason why this exception occured and the resulting situation. (After ideas from Bug Base ). Created: Wed Nov 01 17:03:53 2000
MRMasterDataSource: Masterdata source using MessageResources in order to retrieve localized master data. Created: Mon May 28 06:36:47 2001
StripWhitespaceReaderTestCase: Testsuite for StripWhitespaceReader . Created: Wed May 02 19:17:36 2001
HashTree: Tree using a java.util.Hashtable in order to store the child nodes. Created: Sun May 13 17:13:10 2001
HyperSQLServer: Database server for Hypersonic SQL . Created: Tue Feb 08 05:56:58 2000
StripWhitespaceReader: Reader stripping multiple whitespace characters. Created: Wed May 02 18:45:53 2001
TransactionResultForm: Form bean containing results of a transaction. Created: Wed Jan 24 06:05:27 2001
TransactionResultForm: Form bean containing results of a transaction. Created: Wed Jan 24 06:05:27 2001
RBMasterDataSource: Source of master data using resource bundles. Created: Wed Jan 10 10:36:15 2001
QueryAnswerForm: Form bean for yes/no questions. Created: Mon Mar 05 07:21:43 2001
DBServer: Abstract JDBC database server. Created: Tue Feb 08 05:52:56 2000
LocalizedMasterDataContainer: Created: Wed Jan 10 14:25:03 2001
DocumentHistory: History of a document. Created: Tue Sep 25 19:05:25 2001
SessionLocales: Created: Tue Jan 09 08:14:36 2001
MySqlServer: Created: Tue Mar 13 06:34:20 2001

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