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Interface InstructionComparator  view InstructionComparator download

public interface InstructionComparator

Equality of instructions isn't clearly to be defined. You might wish, for example, to compare whether instructions have the same meaning. E.g., whether two INVOKEVIRTUALs describe the same call.
The DEFAULT comparator however, considers two instructions to be equal if they have same opcode and point to the same indexes (if any) in the constant pool or the same local variable index. Branch instructions must have the same target.

$Id: 386056 2006-03-15 11:31:56Z tcurdt $

Field Summary
static InstructionComparator DEFAULT
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Instruction i1, Instruction i2)

Field Detail


public static final InstructionComparator DEFAULT
Method Detail


public boolean equals(Instruction i1,
                      Instruction i2)