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Uses of Class

Uses of BranchHandle in org.apache.bcel.generic

Fields in org.apache.bcel.generic declared as BranchHandle
private static BranchHandle BranchHandle.bh_list
          Factory methods.

Methods in org.apache.bcel.generic that return BranchHandle
 BranchHandle InstructionList.append(BranchInstruction i)
          Append a branch instruction to the end of this list.
 BranchHandle InstructionList.append(InstructionHandle ih, BranchInstruction i)
          Append an instruction after instruction (handle) ih contained in this list.
 BranchHandle InstructionList.insert(BranchInstruction i)
          Insert a branch instruction at start of this list.
 BranchHandle InstructionList.insert(InstructionHandle ih, BranchInstruction i)
          Insert an instruction before instruction (handle) ih contained in this list.
(package private) static BranchHandle BranchHandle.getBranchHandle(BranchInstruction i)