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Package org.apache.bcel.util

Interface Summary
BCELComparator Used for BCEL comparison strategy
ClassPath.ClassFile Contains information about file/ZIP entry of the Java class.
InstructionFinder.CodeConstraint Code patterns found may be checked using an additional user-defined constraint object whether they really match the needed criterion.
Repository Abstract definition of a class repository.

Class Summary
AttributeHTML Convert found attributes into HTML file.
BCELFactory Factory creates il.append() statements, and sets instruction targets.
BCELifier This class takes a given JavaClass object and converts it to a Java program that creates that very class using BCEL.
ByteSequence Utility class that implements a sequence of bytes which can be read via the `readByte()' method.
Class2HTML Read class file(s) and convert them into HTML files.
ClassLoader Drop in replacement for the standard class loader of the JVM.
ClassLoaderRepository The repository maintains information about which classes have been loaded.
ClassPath Responsible for loading (class) files from the CLASSPATH.
ClassQueue Utility class implementing a (typesafe) queue of JavaClass objects.
ClassSet Utility class implementing a (typesafe) set of JavaClass objects.
ClassStack Utility class implementing a (typesafe) stack of JavaClass objects.
ClassVector Deprecated. as of 5.1.1 - 7/17/2005
CodeHTML Convert code into HTML file.
ConstantHTML Convert constant pool into HTML file.
InstructionFinder InstructionFinder is a tool to search for given instructions patterns, i.e., match sequences of instructions in an instruction list via regular expressions.
JavaWrapper Java interpreter replacement, i.e., wrapper that uses its own ClassLoader to modify/generate classes as they're requested.
MethodHTML Convert methods and fields into HTML file.
SyntheticRepository This repository is used in situations where a Class is created outside the realm of a ClassLoader.