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abstract public class: AbstractCactusTestCase [javadoc | source]
Base class for all Cactus test case extensions. Note: We must not add any method that can be called by the end user to this class as users will those methods and it will create a runtime dependency to this class. We will then have to break binary compatibility if we wish to move this class around or change its implementation.
 public AbstractCactusTestCase() 
 public AbstractCactusTestCase(String theName) 
    Constructs a JUnit test case with the given name.
    theName - the name of the test case
 public AbstractCactusTestCase(String theName,
    Test theTest) 
    Wraps a pure JUnit Test Case in a Cactus Test Case.
    theName - the name of the test
    theTest - the Test Case class to wrap
Method from org.apache.cactus.internal.AbstractCactusTestCase Summary:
createProtocolHandler,   runBare,   runBareServer
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Method from org.apache.cactus.internal.AbstractCactusTestCase Detail:
 abstract protected ProtocolHandler createProtocolHandler()
    Create a protocol handler instance that will be used to connect to the server side.
 public  void runBare() throws Throwable 
    JUnit method that is used to run the tests. However, we're intercepting it so that we can call the server side of Cactus where the tests will be run (instead of on the client side).
 public  void runBareServer() throws Throwable