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public interface: CometEvent [javadoc | source]

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The CometEvent interface.
Nested Class Summary:
public enum class  CometEvent.EventType  Enumeration describing the major events that the container can invoke the CometProcessors event() method with BEGIN - will be called at the beginning of the processing of the connection. It can be used to initialize any relevant fields using the request and response objects. Between the end of the processing of this event, and the beginning of the processing of the end or error events, it is possible to use the response object to write data on the open connection. Note that the response object and depedent OutputStream and Writer are still not synchronized, so when they are accessed by multiple threads, synchronization is mandatory. After processing the initial event, the request is considered to be committed. READ - This indicates that input data is available, and that one read can be made without blocking. The available and ready methods of the InputStream or Reader may be used to determine if there is a risk of blocking: the servlet should read while data is reported available. When encountering a read error, the servlet should report it by propagating the exception properly. Throwing an exception will cause the error event to be invoked, and the connection will be closed. Alternately, it is also possible to catch any exception, perform clean up on any data structure the servlet may be using, and using the close method of the event. It is not allowed to attempt reading data from the request object outside of the execution of this method. END - End may be called to end the processing of the request. Fields that have been initialized in the begin method should be reset. After this event has been processed, the request and response objects, as well as all their dependent objects will be recycled and used to process other requests. End will also be called when data is available and the end of file is reached on the request input (this usually indicates the client has pipelined a request). ERROR - Error will be called by the container in the case where an IO exception or a similar unrecoverable error occurs on the connection. Fields that have been initialized in the begin method should be reset. After this event has been processed, the request and response objects, as well as all their dependent objects will be recycled and used to process other requests. 
public enum class  CometEvent.EventSubType  Event details TIMEOUT - the connection timed out (sub type of ERROR); note that this ERROR type is not fatal, and the connection will not be closed unless the servlet uses the close method of the event CLIENT_DISCONNECT - the client connection was closed (sub type of ERROR) IOEXCEPTION - an IO exception occurred, such as invalid content, for example, an invalid chunk block (sub type of ERROR) WEBAPP_RELOAD - the webapplication is being reloaded (sub type of END) SERVER_SHUTDOWN - the server is shutting down (sub type of END) SESSION_END - the servlet ended the session (sub type of END) 
Method from org.apache.catalina.CometEvent Summary:
close,   getEventSubType,   getEventType,   getHttpServletRequest,   getHttpServletResponse,   setTimeout
Method from org.apache.catalina.CometEvent Detail:
 public  void close() throws IOException
    Ends the Comet session. This signals to the container that the container wants to end the comet session. This will send back to the client a notice that the server has no more data to send as part of this request. The servlet should perform any needed cleanup as if it had recieved an END or ERROR event.
 public EventSubType getEventSubType()
    Returns the sub type of this event.
 public EventType getEventType()
    Returns the event type.
 public HttpServletRequest getHttpServletRequest()
    Returns the HttpServletRequest.
 public HttpServletResponse getHttpServletResponse()
    Returns the HttpServletResponse.
 public  void setTimeout(int timeout) throws IOException, ServletException, UnsupportedOperationException
    Sets the timeout for this Comet connection. Please NOTE, that the implementation of a per connection timeout is OPTIONAL and MAY NOT be implemented.
    This method sets the timeout in milliseconds of idle time on the connection. The timeout is reset every time data is received from the connection or data is flushed using response.flushBuffer(). If a timeout occurs, the error(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) method is invoked. The web application SHOULD NOT attempt to reuse the request and response objects after a timeout as the error(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) method indicates.
    This method should not be called asynchronously, as that will have no effect.