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public class: FormAuthenticator [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Authenticator, Lifecycle, Valve, MBeanRegistration, Contained

An Authenticator and Valve implementation of FORM BASED Authentication, as described in the Servlet API Specification, Version 2.2.
Field Summary
protected static final  String info    Descriptive information about this implementation. 
protected  String characterEncoding    Character encoding to use to read the username and password parameters from the request. If not set, the encoding of the request body will be used. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.catalina.authenticator.AuthenticatorBase:
DEFAULT_ALGORITHM,  SESSION_ID_BYTES,  algorithm,  cache,  changeSessionIdOnAuthentication,  context,  digest,  entropy,  info,  disableProxyCaching,  securePagesWithPragma,  lifecycle,  random,  randomClass,  sm,  sso,  started
Fields inherited from org.apache.catalina.valves.ValveBase:
container,  containerLog,  info,  next,  sm,  domain,  oname,  mserver,  controller
Method from org.apache.catalina.authenticator.FormAuthenticator Summary:
authenticate,   forwardToErrorPage,   forwardToLoginPage,   getCharacterEncoding,   getInfo,   matchRequest,   restoreRequest,   saveRequest,   savedRequestURL,   setCharacterEncoding
Methods from org.apache.catalina.authenticator.AuthenticatorBase:
addLifecycleListener,   associate,   authenticate,   findLifecycleListeners,   generateSessionId,   getAlgorithm,   getCache,   getChangeSessionIdOnAuthentication,   getContainer,   getDigest,   getDisableProxyCaching,   getEntropy,   getInfo,   getRandom,   getRandomClass,   getSecurePagesWithPragma,   invoke,   reauthenticateFromSSO,   register,   removeLifecycleListener,   setAlgorithm,   setCache,   setChangeSessionIdOnAuthentication,   setContainer,   setDisableProxyCaching,   setEntropy,   setRandomClass,   setSecurePagesWithPragma,   start,   stop
Methods from org.apache.catalina.valves.ValveBase:
backgroundProcess,   createObjectName,   event,   getContainer,   getContainerName,   getController,   getDomain,   getInfo,   getNext,   getObjectName,   getParentName,   invoke,   postDeregister,   postRegister,   preDeregister,   preRegister,   setContainer,   setController,   setNext,   setObjectName,   toString
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Method from org.apache.catalina.authenticator.FormAuthenticator Detail:
 public boolean authenticate(Request request,
    Response response,
    LoginConfig config) throws IOException 
    Authenticate the user making this request, based on the specified login configuration. Return true if any specified constraint has been satisfied, or false if we have created a response challenge already.
 protected  void forwardToErrorPage(Request request,
    Response response,
    LoginConfig config) throws IOException 
    Called to forward to the error page
 protected  void forwardToLoginPage(Request request,
    Response response,
    LoginConfig config) throws IOException 
    Called to forward to the login page
 public String getCharacterEncoding() 
    Return the character encoding to use to read the username and password.
 public String getInfo() 
    Return descriptive information about this Valve implementation.
 protected boolean matchRequest(Request request) 
    Does this request match the saved one (so that it must be the redirect we signalled after successful authentication?
 protected boolean restoreRequest(Request request,
    Session session) throws IOException 
    Restore the original request from information stored in our session. If the original request is no longer present (because the session timed out), return false; otherwise, return true.
 protected  void saveRequest(Request request,
    Session session) throws IOException 
    Save the original request information into our session.
 protected String savedRequestURL(Session session) 
    Return the request URI (with the corresponding query string, if any) from the saved request so that we can redirect to it.
 public  void setCharacterEncoding(String encoding) 
    Set the character encoding to be used to read the username and password.