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public interface: ClusterManager [javadoc | source]

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All Known Implementing Classes:
    SimpleTcpReplicationManager, MockDeltaManager, DeltaManager

The common interface used by all cluster manager. This is so that we can have a more pluggable way of swapping session managers for different algorithms.
Method from org.apache.catalina.cluster.ClusterManager Summary:
getCluster,   getInvalidatedSessions,   getName,   isDefaultMode,   isSendClusterDomainOnly,   messageDataReceived,   requestCompleted,   setCluster,   setDefaultMode,   setName,   setSendClusterDomainOnly
Method from org.apache.catalina.cluster.ClusterManager Detail:
 public CatalinaCluster getCluster()
 public String[] getInvalidatedSessions()
    When the manager expires session not tied to a request. The cluster will periodically ask for a list of sessions that should expire and that should be sent across the wire.
 public String getName()
    Return the name of the manager, at host /context name and at engine hostname+/context.
 public boolean isDefaultMode()
 public boolean isSendClusterDomainOnly()
 public  void messageDataReceived(ClusterMessage msg)
    A message was received from another node, this is the callback method to implement if you are interested in receiving replication messages.
 public ClusterMessage requestCompleted(String sessionId)
    When the request has been completed, the replication valve will notify the manager, and the manager will decide whether any replication is needed or not. If there is a need for replication, the manager will create a session message and that will be replicated. The cluster determines where it gets sent.
 public  void setCluster(CatalinaCluster cluster)
 public  void setDefaultMode(boolean mode)
 public  void setName(String name)
    Set the name of the manager, at host /context name and at engine hostname+/context
 public  void setSendClusterDomainOnly(boolean sendClusterDomainOnly)