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ClientAbortException   Wrap an IOException identifying it as being caused by an abort of a request by a remote client.  code | html
CometEventImpl     code | html
Connector   Implementation of a Coyote connector for Tomcat 5.x.  code | html
Constants   Static constants for this package.  code | html
CoyoteAdapter   Implementation of a request processor which delegates the processing to a Coyote processor.  code | html
CoyoteInputStream   This class handles reading bytes.  code | html
CoyoteOutputStream   Coyote implementation of the servlet output stream.  code | html
CoyotePrincipal   Generic implementation of java.security.Principal that is used to represent principals authenticated at the protocol handler level.  code | html
CoyoteReader   Coyote implementation of the buffred reader.  code | html
CoyoteWriter   Coyote implementation of the servlet writer.  code | html
HttpEventImpl     code | html
HttpRequestFacade   Facade class that wraps a Catalina-internal HttpRequest object.  code | html
HttpResponseFacade   Facade class that wraps a Catalina-internal HttpResponse object.  code | html
InputBuffer   The buffer used by Tomcat request.  code | html
MapperListener   Mapper listener.  code | html
OutputBuffer   The buffer used by Tomcat response.  code | html
Request   Wrapper object for the Coyote request.  code | html
RequestFacade   Facade class that wraps a Coyote request object.  code | html
RequestFacade.GetAttributePrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetCharacterEncodingPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetCookiesPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetHeaderNamesPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetHeadersPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetLocalePrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetLocalesPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetParameterMapPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetParameterNamesPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetParameterPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetParameterValuePrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetRequestDispatcherPrivilegedAction     code | html
RequestFacade.GetSessionPrivilegedAction     code | html
Response   Wrapper object for the Coyote response.  code | html
ResponseFacade   Facade class that wraps a Coyote response object.  code | html
ResponseFacade.DateHeaderPrivilegedAction     code | html
ResponseFacade.SetContentTypePrivilegedAction     code | html