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public class: StandardEngine [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Engine, Pipeline, Serializable, MBeanRegistration, Container, Lifecycle

Standard implementation of the Engine interface. Each child container must be a Host implementation to process the specific fully qualified host name of that virtual host.
You can set the jvmRoute direct or with the System.property jvmRoute.
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 public StandardEngine() 
Method from org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngine Summary:
addChild,   createObjectName,   destroy,   getBaseDir,   getDefaultHost,   getDomain,   getInfo,   getJvmRoute,   getMbeansFile,   getParentName,   getRealm,   getService,   init,   preRegister,   setBaseDir,   setDefaultHost,   setDomain,   setJvmRoute,   setMbeansFile,   setName,   setParent,   setService,   start,   stop,   toString
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Method from org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngine Detail:
 public  void addChild(Container child) 
    Add a child Container, only if the proposed child is an implementation of Host.
 public ObjectName createObjectName(String domain,
    ObjectName parent) throws Exception 
 public  void destroy() throws LifecycleException 
 public String getBaseDir() 
 public String getDefaultHost() 
    Return the default host.
 public String getDomain() 
 public String getInfo() 
    Return descriptive information about this Container implementation and the corresponding version number, in the format <description>/<version>.
 public String getJvmRoute() 
    Retrieve the cluster-wide unique identifier for this Engine. This value is only useful in a load-balancing scenario.
 public String getMbeansFile() 
 public ObjectName getParentName() throws MalformedObjectNameException 
 public Realm getRealm() 
    Provide a default in case no explicit configuration is set
 public Service getService() 
    Return the Service with which we are associated (if any).
 public  void init() 
 public ObjectName preRegister(MBeanServer server,
    ObjectName name) throws Exception 
 public  void setBaseDir(String baseDir) 
 public  void setDefaultHost(String host) 
    Set the default host.
 public  void setDomain(String domain) 
 public  void setJvmRoute(String routeId) 
    Set the cluster-wide unique identifier for this Engine. This value is only useful in a load-balancing scenario.

    This property should not be changed once it is set.

 public  void setMbeansFile(String mbeansFile) 
 public  void setName(String name) 
 public  void setParent(Container container) 
    Disallow any attempt to set a parent for this Container, since an Engine is supposed to be at the top of the Container hierarchy.
 public  void setService(Service service) 
    Set the Service with which we are associated (if any).
 public  void start() throws LifecycleException 
    Start this Engine component.
 public  void stop() throws LifecycleException 
 public String toString() 
    Return a String representation of this component.