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IOUtilsCaller     code | html

Abstract Classes:

ManagerBase   Minimal implementation of the Manager interface that supports no session persistence or distributable capabilities.  code | html
PersistentManagerBase   Extends the ManagerBase class to implement most of the functionality required by a Manager which supports any kind of persistence, even if onlyfor restarts.  code | html
StoreBase   Abstract implementation of the Store interface to support most of the functionality required by a Store.  code | html


BaseSessionLocker     code | html
Constants   Manifest constants for the org.apache.catalina.session package.  code | html
FileStore   Concrete implementation of the Store interface that utilizes a file per saved Session in a configured directory.  code | html
JDBCStore   Implementation of the Store interface that stores serialized session objects in a database.  code | html
ManagerBase.PrivilegedSetRandomFile     code | html
PersistentManager   Implementation of the Manager interface that makes use of a Store to swap active Sessions to disk.  code | html
PersistentManagerBase.PrivilegedStoreClear     code | html
PersistentManagerBase.PrivilegedStoreKeys     code | html
PersistentManagerBase.PrivilegedStoreLoad     code | html
PersistentManagerBase.PrivilegedStoreRemove     code | html
PersistentManagerBase.PrivilegedStoreSave     code | html
SessionLock     code | html
StandardManager   Standard implementation of the Manager interface that provides simple session persistence across restarts of this component (such as when the entire server is shut down and restarted, or when a particular web application is reloaded.  code | html
StandardManager.PrivilegedDoLoad     code | html
StandardManager.PrivilegedDoUnload     code | html
StandardSession   Standard implementation of the Session interface.  code | html
StandardSession.PrivilegedSetTccl     code | html
StandardSessionContext   This class is a dummy implementation of the HttpSessionContext interface, to conform to the requirement that such an object be returned when HttpSession.getSessionContext() is called.  code | html
StandardSessionFacade   Facade for the StandardSession object.  code | html
WebIOUtilsFactory     code | html