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public class: JXPathContextReferenceImpl [javadoc | source]
The reference implementation of JXPathContext.
Field Summary
public static final  boolean USE_SOFT_CACHE    Change this to false to disable soft caching of CompiledExpressions. 
protected  NamespaceResolver namespaceResolver     
Fields inherited from org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathContext:
parentContext,  contextBean,  vars,  functions,  factory,  idManager,  keyManager,  decimalFormats
 protected JXPathContextReferenceImpl(JXPathContext parentContext,
    Object contextBean) 
 public JXPathContextReferenceImpl(JXPathContext parentContext,
    Object contextBean,
    Pointer contextPointer) 
Method from org.apache.commons.jxpath.ri.JXPathContextReferenceImpl Summary:
addNodePointerFactory,   allocateConditionally,   compilePath,   createPath,   createPath,   createPathAndSetValue,   createPathAndSetValue,   getAbsoluteRootContext,   getCompiler,   getContextPointer,   getFunction,   getNamespaceContextPointer,   getNamespaceResolver,   getNamespaceURI,   getNodePointerFactories,   getPointer,   getPointer,   getRelativeContext,   getValue,   getValue,   getValue,   getValue,   getVariablePointer,   iterate,   iterate,   iteratePointers,   iteratePointers,   registerNamespace,   removeAll,   removeAll,   removePath,   removePath,   setNamespaceContextPointer,   setValue,   setValue
Methods from org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathContext:
compile,   compilePath,   createPath,   createPathAndSetValue,   getContextBean,   getContextPointer,   getDecimalFormatSymbols,   getFactory,   getFunctions,   getIdentityManager,   getKeyManager,   getLocale,   getNamespaceContextPointer,   getNamespaceURI,   getParentContext,   getPointer,   getPointerByID,   getPointerByKey,   getRelativeContext,   getValue,   getValue,   getVariables,   isLenient,   iterate,   iteratePointers,   newContext,   newContext,   registerNamespace,   removeAll,   removePath,   selectNodes,   selectSingleNode,   setDecimalFormatSymbols,   setFactory,   setFunctions,   setIdentityManager,   setKeyManager,   setLenient,   setLocale,   setNamespaceContextPointer,   setValue,   setVariables
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Method from org.apache.commons.jxpath.ri.JXPathContextReferenceImpl Detail:
 public static  void addNodePointerFactory(NodePointerFactory factory) 
    Call this with a custom NodePointerFactory to add support for additional types of objects. Make sure the factory returns a name that puts it in the right position on the list of factories.
 public static Object allocateConditionally(String className,
    String existenceCheckClassName) 
    Checks if existenceCheckClass exists on the class path. If so, allocates an instance of the specified class, otherwise returns null.
 protected CompiledExpression compilePath(String xpath) 
 public Pointer createPath(String xpath) 
 public Pointer createPath(String xpath,
    Expression expr) 
 public Pointer createPathAndSetValue(String xpath,
    Object value) 
 public Pointer createPathAndSetValue(String xpath,
    Expression expr,
    Object value) 
 public EvalContext getAbsoluteRootContext() 
 protected Compiler getCompiler() 
    Returns a static instance of TreeCompiler. Override this to return an aternate compiler.
 public Pointer getContextPointer() 
 public Function getFunction(QName functionName,
    Object[] parameters) 
 public Pointer getNamespaceContextPointer() 
 public NamespaceResolver getNamespaceResolver() 
 public String getNamespaceURI(String prefix) 
 public static NodePointerFactory[] getNodePointerFactories() 
 public Pointer getPointer(String xpath) 
 public Pointer getPointer(String xpath,
    Expression expr) 
 public JXPathContext getRelativeContext(Pointer pointer) 
 public Object getValue(String xpath) 
    Traverses the xpath and returns the resulting object. Primitive types are wrapped into objects.
 public Object getValue(String xpath,
    Expression expr) 
 public Object getValue(String xpath,
    Class requiredType) 
    Calls getValue(xpath), converts the result to the required type and returns the result of the conversion.
 public Object getValue(String xpath,
    Expression expr,
    Class requiredType) 
 public NodePointer getVariablePointer(QName name) 
 public Iterator iterate(String xpath) 
    Traverses the xpath and returns a Iterator of all results found for the path. If the xpath matches no properties in the graph, the Iterator will not be null.
 public Iterator iterate(String xpath,
    Expression expr) 
 public Iterator iteratePointers(String xpath) 
    Traverses the xpath and returns an Iterator of Pointers. A Pointer provides easy access to a property. If the xpath matches no properties in the graph, the Iterator be empty, but not null.
 public Iterator iteratePointers(String xpath,
    Expression expr) 
 public  void registerNamespace(String prefix,
    String namespaceURI) 
 public  void removeAll(String xpath) 
 public  void removeAll(String xpath,
    Expression expr) 
 public  void removePath(String xpath) 
 public  void removePath(String xpath,
    Expression expr) 
 public  void setNamespaceContextPointer(Pointer pointer) 
 public  void setValue(String xpath,
    Object value) 
 public  void setValue(String xpath,
    Expression expr,
    Object value)