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public class: SubnetUtils [javadoc | source]
A class that performs some subnet calculations given a network address and a subnet mask.
Nested Class Summary:
public final class  SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo  Convenience container for subnet summary information. 
 public SubnetUtils(String cidrNotation) 
    Constructor that takes a CIDR-notation string, e.g. ""
    cidrNotation - A CIDR-notation string, e.g. ""
 public SubnetUtils(String address,
    String mask) 
    Constructor that takes two dotted decimal addresses.
    address - An IP address, e.g. ""
    mask - A dotted decimal netmask e.g. ""
Method from Summary:
getInfo,   pop
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Method from Detail:
 public final SubnetInfo getInfo() 
    Return a SubnetInfo instance that contains subnet-specific statistics
 int pop(int x)